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Amy Lee To Join Wagakki Band For Upcoming Show

Wagakki Band has announced that they will be joined by Amy Lee of Evanescence for a one night only live concert, along with a full orchestra. Wagakki Band will be premiering “Symphonic Night Vol.2 Live & Orchestra” in Osaka Castle Hall on February 16th, 2020.

Wagakki Band and Amy Lee will perform on a collaborative song made up of both English and Japanese lyrics. Tickets are now available.

Amy Lee comments:

I can’t wait to feel the power of Wagakkiband with a live orchestra in Osaka! I am thrilled to join them on stage for this special concert. If all my dreams come true, we’ll be going for ramen after!

Yuko Suzuhana of Wagakki Band also spoke about the collaboration by saying:

In the past, Amy Lee saw a video of a musical performance collaboration live concert with Wagakki Band and an orchestra, then EVANESCENCE invited us to Los Angeles for their concert, and our exchange started from there. We were talking about how it would be nice to do something together someday, and now, we will be able to appear together for the first time.

Amy Lee and I are both singers and pianists, and we have that in common. It’s the first time for Amy Lee and Wagakki Band, and I definitely would like to experience this opportunity for a one-night-only premium sound. I, myself, have parts that I don’t know yet, and I’m very excited!

Wagakki Bands latest release was also chosen as one of our “Best Folk Metal Albums” and EPs of 2019.


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