Photos: In This Moment -Detroit, MI

An explosive blend of hard-hitting music that blurs the lines between genre definitions and other ideas.

In This Moment are known for their killer shows. The band’s huge guitar riffs and industrial-strength grooves are particularly impressive. In addition to that, there is a really unique theatricality to the group. The killer outfits and the video projections really set the mood, creating the perfect atmosphere. The song combines very beautiful atmospheres, matching the stark dynamics of the music.

The musicians in the band are incredibly precise. The sound is raw, yet very well-organized in terms arrangements, as well as song executions. You can tell that the band put a lot of work into making these songs great live! All the best live acts definitely understand the difference between a studio release and a live show, and they can act accordingly to highlight the best qualities of the material in any situation.

In This Moment is a very unique band, because their songs escape genre definitions. You couldn’t really call it straight-up metal, but you can’t call it hard rock and you can’t call it pop either. However, there are definitely elements of all of these genres and more, all converging into a really unique sound. From the massive down-tuned guitar riffs, to the catchy, larger-than-life hooks, the band has a really broad tone.

Ultimately, In The Moment really shines as a live act. Not only is the sheer variety of their songs a very appealing factor, but they can also easily relate to the audience with an amazing spectacle. It’s always great to see bands that go the extra mile, especially when they seem to be able to genuinely excel on multiple front.


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