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Album Review – Amaranthe – Manifest

Swedish metalheads Amaranthe acquired notoriety on the global stage due to their melodic, yet edgy and impactful sound. Every single one of their studio album marked the band’s growth – their willingness to continually challenge themselves as musicians and the ability to live up to their creative vision.

With each studio effort, Amaranthe seemed to have been drawn to the idea of adding more layers to their sound. Their 2020 studio album, “Manifest,” which is their first release via Nuclear Blast Records, is yet another step forward for the group.

This time around, the group managed to stay true to their iconic melodies and massive arrangements. However, they brought a new cinematic depth to their sound, taking off from where they left off with their previous studio work, “Helix,” but taking that aesthetic to a whole new dimension.

It is safe to say that the trying times we are currently experiencing worldwide have inspired some of the more profound concepts and underlying lyrical themes throughout the album. Most of the songs deal with topics such as the future of humanity in the world, and our struggle to survive annihilation, climate (figuratively and literally), and other topics inspired by mythology and more.

This album has got everything you might wish for in a metal record today, but it’s also got a more reflective, emotional side to it, connecting with the audience on a more genuine level. The opening track, “Fearless,” features a vast, cinematic introduction, where synthesizers and guitars blend in seamlessly, offering a granitic sound that’s unapologetically modern.

The song “Viral” is one of the highlights on the album, as it embodies the group’s ability to combine different rhythmic ideas, catchy vocal hooks, and those “ear-candy” melodies that seem to be so effortless for Scandinavian musicians!

There is also room for quiet moments, such as the stunning song “Crystalline,” a soothing ballad with a rich, yet introspective sound. The track eventually opens up as a full-band piece, retaining the quintessential metal ballad feel!

The song “Die and Wake Up” is one of the highlights on the album. The vocal melody is immediately recognizable, and the contrast between great vocal melodies and brutal screams is absolutely perfect. The harmonies in the choruses are immediately well-crafted as well!

These are only some of my personal highlights of what’s going to be an album to dive deeper into. Find out more about Amaranthe, and don’t miss out on this record, which will be available from 10/02/2020.

Final Score

Overall - 9.1



Amaranthe have solidified themselves as the top band in modern metal. Manifest is their best work to date.

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