Kimberly Fisher GF Interview

First Name: Kimberly


Last Name:Fisher

Email Address:[email protected]

City:Los Angeles


Occupation: Artist


Agewise, I am: between 18 and 29
My height is: between 5′ and 5’6″
Weightwise, I am: between 100# and 150#
My eyes are: Brown
Colorwise, my hair is:brunette
My Boobies:oranges
Lengthwise, my hair is: Down to my shoulders
My status is: single
The Internet is: A source of information and entertainment.


1. What is your story? Who are you? What are you about?
I am a nice girl from Alaska. I am a model/actress/spokeperson/producer/writer.kimberly

2. What are you looking for in a relationship?
Laughter, intelligence, connection.

3.Why Should I pick you?
You want quality over quantity and have a eurasian fetish. =)

4. What do you like about Jeff
His quirky sense of humor.

5. My ideal date With Jeff would be..
Hopping on a plane to a far off and exotic land…

6. Any bad habits I should know about?
ADD and OCD. Which actually has its perks; I can carry on a conversation about computers to travel to gay porn to cheetos in one breathe and I have a perfectly clean house.

7. Would you ever hurt/cheat on me?
Depends on the situation. =)

8. Any piercings? If so where?
ears/belly button.

9. Any tattoos? If so what and where?
Small rose @ bikini line.

10. Tell me about your booty
It took a lot of lunges to get this way.kimberly