Dropkick Murphys Interview

Back in the summer of 2004, members of the Irish Punk forums submitted some of their questions to us for an interview we had coming up with Legendary Boston punk band Dropkick Murphys. We liked to give a big thank you to James Lynch for taking some time out to answers some of the questions.

Séafra: So what’s being going on with you guys? How has this euro tour been?

James: Europe’s been great. We’re doing alot of festivals which is always a blast cause we get to meet/play with bands that we’d never be on a bill with in the states.

Séafra: We have been hearing a lot of people ask what’s going on with youguys and the warped tour this year, I’m assuming no word yet becauseof your own tour schedule?

James: We did the warped tour last year so thats the main reason we’re not doing it this year, but we are taking part in the 10th anniversary warped date that will be taking place in boston.

Séafra: Is there any city you guys just love playing, and get excited about going to? As if it was a 2nd home?

James: It’s funny how often we get asked “when are you guys coming to my town?” because it seems like we’re out constantly. It seems to me that we’ve always got to be in someones town, because I’m certainly not in mine.

Séafra: When you guys play in Ireland, how does the crowd respond? Do they respond like they do here in the states?

James: Yeah, it’s no different there then here. I know every band says this shit, but our fans are fuckin great. We’re never let down, no matter where we go.

Séafra: What are your views on what’s going on in Northern Ireland?

James: As a group we take no sides, it’s not our place. We play music, that’s not our reality.

Séafra: Any favorite bands you guys like to tour with?

James: Always have a blast with the Unseen, they’re some of my best friends from home, so being on the road together is always a good time.

Séafra: One read asked if the lovely and talented Stephanie Dougherty helped sell merchandise at your live shows?

James: Yes it is true! the lovely and talented Stephanie Dougherty does indeed sling t-shirts for the group when not singing. and also, she’s married to the large and scary Texas Bob, so show some respect fellas!

Séafra: So after this tour, any ideas about a new/next album so far?

James: Lots of new/next album ideas so far, handful of songs, nothing solid enough to discuss at the moment though I’m sorry to say.

Séafra: Going to black out now, did you get any inspiration for “Time to go”rom The Misfits “NY Ranger”?

James: I cant say for sure but I don’t think so. I think time to go was born purely of Kens insane bruins obsession. he wont read this, right?

Séafra: Speaking of which, Do feel Joe Thornton should be captain of the Bruins, if not Who?

James: I don’t personally follow hockey, but Ken always seems to know what the B’s shoulda done. Make him captain.

Séafra: A fellow staff member of the site asked this question so it’s not coming from me so no bounty on my head, but What was going through your minds when Aaron Boone hit the home run to get the Yankees into the World Series last year?

James: Words cannot begin to describe what was going through our minds at that moment, when we took the stage 45 minutes late. I’d like to apologize personally to anyone at that show in Florida. I don’t think we brought our A game to the stage that terrible night.

Séafra: Will we ever get a singles collection volume 2 or your LP singles on CD?

James: Singles collection 2 is in the works at the moment. no idea on a release date.

Séafra: What guitar strings does the kid use?

James: Marc uses regular ernie ball 10’s. I think.

Séafra: What influenced you guys to mix traditional Irish music with punk rock?

James: Being around both styles of music for years, it’s just something that happened. It wasn’t an intentional thing.

Séafra: Well from the Staff at Irish Punk. And reader’s I want to say thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, anything else you’d like to say?

James: It’s 1:30am, the sox are tied 4-4 in Seattle in the top of the 11th, and I’m half in the bag, hope you can chop this up so it makes some sense!


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