Photos: JD & The Straight Shot – Cleveland OH

JD & The Straight Shott is a music project with a focus on timeless Americana. Their music has a very diverse feel, yet there is something that’s modern and exciting about their sound. The group’s charisma shines through on their records. However, as much as the band’s albums sound excellent, their dynamic live performance is where this group stands out. After all, Americana is all about performance, and charisma!

The band are currently back on the road, performing shows throughout the country. They are traveling and playing shows in support of their most recent album, “The Great Divide.” The idea behind this record was to take a step back and bring their sound back to the roots of the Americana songbook. As a result, the tone of this remarkable album features acoustic instruments predominantly, meaning that there is going to be enough space for an intimate, yet colorful live set. The new songs translated well in a live setting, as you probably would expect since this album has a strong life feel to it.

One of the most striking elements of the group’s live show is the fact that there aren’t that many elements to the mix. The group’s line up is pretty straightforward, although there is just so much color, so much space, and so much depth to their textures. From desolate folk tones, down to astonishing pop-rock melodies and soothing string arrangements, anything goes. These seasoned musicians play like the old school pickers, as in they do not need a sound guy to balance their mixes. They know how to use their natural dynamics, in order to make the most out of their performances, and really let the music fly.

Fans of artists like Devil Makes Three, as well as Leftover Salmon, are definitely going to enjoy the band’s sound, as well as their phenomenal live work. Their performances are filled with momentum, and there is a sense of chemistry between these musicians. It’s like they know how fragile the balance of an excellent performance can be, and they all work together towards retaining such equilibrium, making for a live show that’s always vibrant, detailed and one-of-a-kind. A true treat for the audience.

Find out more about JD & The Straight Shot, and go check them out if they swing by your hometown: it will be totally worth it.

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