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Photos: Metalachi In Santa Clarita

Metalachi is not something that can easily be described with words. It is something to be experienced. The LA-based group appeared on America’s Got Talent (Season 10) and they immediately achieved international fame, due to their unique skills and stage antics. Since then, they also released 3 studio album, aptly titled Uno, Dos, and Tres. The albums feature a selection of cool cover songs, from artists as diverse as Queen, Guns N Roses, and Judas Priest.

It did not take long for the group to kickstart their career, and quickly build an international following due to their relentless touring and consistently entertaining live shows, which are fun and ironic, but also filled with what really matters at the end of the day: great music!

There are many bands who successfully combine folkloristic music genres with heavy metal, but when most people think of folk-metal, the thought-process immediately moves on the cold landscapes of Scandinavia or the ancestral tales of Ireland and Scotland. Metalachi have a different approach. They channeled the heat of Mexico, and its blazing musical traditions by fusing classic Mariachi tones with brutal and uncompromising heavy metal music.

It’s hard to imagine this musical fusion, so you might as well press play and listen first hand. The group has become really well-known through their renditions of some of the most classic metal songs of all time, from Master of Puppets, to Crazy Train and War Pigs, anything goes.

Metalachi cleverly combined world-class musicianship with a great deal of showmanship, often making me think of groups like Gogol Bordello, in the way the mix folk influences with world-class musical skills and rock. The band also puts on a great live show, and every member of the audience can’t help but leave the venue with a huge smile on their face.

The naysayers might write this off as a gimmick, but their music is far from it. There is actually so much substance that went into rearranging these tracks, and creating a unique experience for the listeners. Attending a Metalachi feels a little bit like attending a party, where everyone is friendly, and share a mutual love for great rock and roll music, and strong tequila!

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