A-Bun-Dance Bicycle Day 75th Anniversary Tour

April 20th, 2018 At The Mayan Los Angeles, CA

On April 19th 1943, Albert Hofmann, the Swiss father of psychedelic medicine, dropped LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) and went on a bike ride home from work, becoming the first human to trip on acid.

April 19th from that day on went down in psychedelic history as “Bicycle Day”

The Mayan celebrated Bicycle Day’s 75th Anniversary and the first of many legal for recreational Use 4/20’s with a powerful mini nine hour long Festival.

Featuring Shpongle (Simon Posford) along with Alex & Allyson Grey Meet and Greet, live paintings, vendors, and Black Light Entertainment. With two whole rooms of music and art, everyone was more than entertained as Los Angeles rang in another historical April 20th.

Simon Posford of Shpongle proved once again to be one of the best live psychedelic downtempo music entertainers. His 2 hour set from, midnight to 2am, included multiple light dancers, man on stilts, mermaids, and even Boa Constrictor dancers.

As you walk around the venue, you’re enveloped in all the sights and sounds of the EDM world; hypnotic beats, vivid colors, and lights lights lights everywhere. The venue offered two separate sections for different tastes of EDM. The Main Room hosted ‘DownTempo’ artists such as Shpongle, Desert Dwellers, and CharlesTheFirst. Every corner of this event was exploding with color, sound, and overall happy, loving people willing to talk and connect with everyone around.

Live Artists dove into their psychedelic dreams and created beautiful masterpieces before everyones very eyes. The Downstairs Basement offered a more personal, upbeat dance area filled top to bottom with neon colors and more black lights than you can count. Every color was shinning out bright as venue goers danced and pumped to the bass drops.

This event was truly an all-in-one mini festival experience wrapped up in a short nine hour timeframe. Until next year Bicycle Day!

Main Room Featuring:

Alex Grey
Desert Dwellers

Basement Room Featuring:

Jose Delgado
Keyz Shinji
Lou E Bagels
Bounce House


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