Spotlight: Des Rocs Is Making Rock Cool Again

It’s an enigma of how New York native Des Rocs seems to have materialized virtually out of nowhere on the scene and is changing the face of rock music. The singer has been blowing up quickly and while his career is only beginning, it feels like he’s been around for decades.

With a revolutionary sound that feels classic yet fresh, and as if it could cross through several different eras. With such an immense amount of talent, it’s no wonder why he was chosen to open for The Rolling Stones on their stadium tour last year.

Des is also a guy that seems to wear many hats. In high school, he was touring the world as a classical violinist, and he holds a law degree. And with such creativity, every new piece of music that he puts out has been nothing short of jaw-dropping.

With influences of classic stadium rock, a hint of punk, blues, and a litany of other styles, it’s almost as if we are witnessing some sort of Bowie-esque transformation in real-time. However, this is with each new piece of music, rather than albums.

Des Rocs Says that he’s inspired by pretty much everyone and everything. As an example, musically, he’s been inspired by 50s and 60s poetry. He’s also been inspired by the works of Jack Kerouac who has done long-form writing without revisions. Some of the acts that he says he’s drawn inspiration from include Elvis, Talking Heads, and Queen.

Even in the style in which he releases his content is totally unique. More so than releasing full albums, he’s been known to release a song at a time, or a string of songs together. Taking an “it’s done when its done” approach to his music. He has said that he prefers releasing albums only when they are well thought out in which you can experience said album for yourself.

Several weeks ago Des released another killer track, ‘Wayne’ which has a unique changeup and an infectious chorus. The video itself features an artistic fast-paced visual changeup from the first-person point of view. Check it out below!

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