Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: US USA
City: Rochester, NY
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Chris VanCleve
Bill Herring
Jake Publicover
Steve Ladue
Tony Thireos

1916 Biography:

Formed as an acoustic pub act in 2006, 1916 has quickly become the hardest hitting Irish Rock band this side of Dublin city! Steve Ladue’s drums thunder through the music to generate the distinctive backbeat that makes 1916 so easy to rock out to . He has played in several bands over the years and brings his experience to the table as a truly gifted performer.

Chris VanCleve attacks the upright bass with a fury that you have to see to believe. He combines Rockabilly with Irish Rock to make a kickass and in-your-face sound. Jake Publicover can chop down trees with his amazing guitar playing. Seriously. His knowledge of Irish music and penchant for throwing a party help to give 1916 that rich, full bodied sound.

Bill Herring belts out the tunes with a dizzying performance that will leave you wondering where all the whiskey went. His chops as a vocalist and his skill with his trusty Gretsch combine to make a volatile blend of Irish Punk that could make a grizzly bear purr.

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