Best Of 2017: Part II

When we announced that we were going to be re-branding Irish Punk into the Folk N’ Rock, we had mentioned that we are going to be covering a wide variety of musical genres. That would be the reason that you’re getting part two, of our Best of 2017 list. We will be finishing up just a couple more categories, and start reviewing more content for 2018. Don’t forget to check out part one of our Best of 2017 list!

Video Of The Year – Dave Hause – The Flinch

The Flinch is off Dave Hause’s latest album, Bury Me In Philly. The video features footage from Dave’s “Free at Noon” show in early 2017. It was also shot with Hause’s nephew, who is taking listen to the record “Bury Me In Philly” with a reenactment photo of him holding the record, and then it morphing into Hause as a kid holding the 1985 release “Nervous Night” by legendary Philadelphia act The Hooters. (another amazing band, and album) Many of us music geeks get a nostalgic feel, and can relate to this video in so many ways, as we all discovered that one album as a kid that would change our lives.

Folk / Pop / Rock Album Of The Year – Screaming Orphans – Taproom

Screaming Orphans
If you’re looking for a textbook example of how a fusion style should be handled, look no further than the Screaming Orphans. The four Diver sisters have been putting out some incredible content for well over a decade, with a perfect balance of folk, rock, and pop style. Taproom is a bit more folk heavy, and yet still an engaging collection of beautiful songs that showcases the group’s outstanding creative range and diverse attitude.

Alt / Country / Album Of The Year – Gasoline Lollipops – Soul Mine

Gasoline Lollipops - Soul Mine The latest release from Colorado-based alt country act Gasoline Lollipops, features some of the best songwriting that we’ve heard in 2017. Somewhere in between punk provocateurs and folk storyteller, these talented musicians managed to combine engaging riffs and straight-forward arrangements with personable lyrics and quintessential arrangements that feel organic and diverse. Soul Mine delivers a variety of content that can appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Punk Album Of The Year – The Menzingers – After The Party

We’ve listen to quiet a lot of good punk music this year, but After The Party from The Menzingers is the record that really grabbed our attention. Especially those for those of us that are now out of our 20s (knuckle bumps: we know, we know) We also found After The Party is another one of those “full play through” types of records as we enjoyed every song on the album.

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