• Andrew

    I'm a columnist for the site. I've travelled through Europe as a DJ playing Celtic Punk music. I also have written lyrics for various bands.
  • Angela

    I attended Queen's University in Belfast. Currently living life and loving music in County Tyrone.
  • Dustin Griffin

    I'm a Canadian writer / photographer that loves punk rock. Celtic punk in particular. I've been attending local shows since I was a kid. I now spend my time photographing shows that I attend, and do reviews of films and albums.
  • Eve

    Born in south of Brazil, I’m a photographer currently based in Dublin. Photography has been my passion since I was a little child, when I used to carry my parent’s analogue camera everywhere, just for fun. I started photographing professionally in 2012, when I was just 17, and since then I’ve worked in three different studios (two in Brazil and one in Dublin called Frame My Life), from where I was able to gain a lot experience, learning a lot about lighting and post production, and develop my own style at the same time. To me photography is all about emotions, showing that there’s life and a story behind every portrait, and that’s what I want to achieve with my work.
  • Janer

    Loving Punk since 1978. I've been photographing and videoing Punk gigs for many moons.
  • Joanna

    A Bulgarian-born nerd girl who listens to music, writes about music and plays music 24/7. During the rest of the time, she’s a full-time professional film & TV series translator with a passion for learning new and crazy languages evert day. Skål!
  • John Swayze

    John Wayne Swayze is a 24 year old punk living outside Boston, MA, USA. He co-hosts a weekly DIY podcast called The Noise Floor, and plays in a punk band. When not playing, writing about, listening to, or talking about punk rock, Swayze is too drunk to function and/or sleeping.
  • Kate Alison

    Kate Alison is a NYC event & portrait photographer. She is from New England, but learned photography while working at Disneyland. She loves music, her chihuahua and road trips
  • Kevin

    Writer, Hockey fan, gamer, father. Ran a metal music news site, now a contributor for Irish Punk.
  • Maia Kennedy

    Senior Graphic Designer (Pimsleur Language Programs) and Photographer from Boston, MA.
  • Mike

    Mike O'Cull is a songwriter, producer, and music journalist from Chicago, IL, USA. He has been writing about music since the 90s, both in print and online. For more info, visit
  • Patrick Correia

    When not crying into a bottle, Patrick occasionally keeps a dream journal in Boston. He's available at private functions for a modest fee or best offer.
  • Scott

    I love Guinness and great music. I'm many things by day, and a writer by night.
  • Jeff

    Site founder and Editor-in-Chief. Lover of Celtic Punk, Punk Rock, and Folk. I have a passion for promoting great music, and helping listeners discover new bands.
  • Tom

    My name is Tom Lohrmann and I am an Artist Manager, Musician, and Blogger from Washington DC. I am the Head Sales Rep of Old Dog LLC and front the rock band Sonic Nights. I have worked with over 170 artists through the blog, which features interviews and reviews of both national and local artists.