The Porters

Genre: Folk Punk
Country: DE Germany
City: Düsseldorf
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members

The Porters Biography:

Traditional folkmusic gives way to pure punk rock energy – these are The Porters firmly
rooted in the region of Düsseldorf/Germany. The four lads and one lady pull no punches between playful melodies played on the violin and distorted guitars. Piano, hammond organ and mandolin provide the background for ballads or rock like mad. Anyway, The Porters raise their glasses high to create their own sound sometimes evocating pictures of smokefilled pubs or shabby punk rock clubs.

Forget about the cliche of typical folk punks The Porters create a very own, pleasantly different niche. Their musical roots are widespread and harken back to 60’s garage rock, punk rock and country music up to hardrock and – YEAH – it works!

Instead of mouldy steadiness The Porters are in continual development. With their third longplayer „Rum, Bum and Violina“ (Cargo Records, 2012) they proceed with more country music, more pure rock supported by a wide range of instruments. Hence they surprise with many sound based changes as was the case with the preceding album “Anywhere But Home” (Knock Out Records, 2007) compared to the first album “A Tribute To Arthur Guinness” (K.O.R., 2002). Nevertheless they sound familiar as The Porters. This is their niche wich they confidently fit and whereby they inspire a broad audience.

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