The Peelers

Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: CA Canada
City: Eastern Ontario
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
E. Diamond
T. Walsh
D. Barton
N. MacPherson
Sean Dolear
Paddy O’Lantern

The Peelers Biography:

The Peelers were formed in a small farmhouse kitchen in Glengarry County in 1999. Born out of loose evening sessions over ice and rye, the band has evolved to become one of the most exciting and energetic live Celtic folk/punk acts in Canada.

The Peelers bend the rules of tradition, with their contemporary Irish/Gael blend drawing more from the insurgent nature of artists such as Shane MacGowan & The Pogues, The Mahones, The Waterboys, Black 47, and Tom Waits, while still maintaining a glint of the sound upon which they were weaned.

The Peelers have two releases currently available. In 2002 they released the album “Boots and Suits”, (a reference to the band’s unique fashion sense). In 2004 the band released “Liquordale”, recorded over a twelve month period in three Montreal studios. The album, produced by Pierre Pineault, was subsequently named Album of the Year on the Boston based webzine, considered the online bible for Celtic rock enthusiasts.

The band is back after a short hiatus, currently playing select shows in and around Montreal. A new album is written, and in pre-production for recording. The band has recently put the finishing touches on a track for the upcoming Mahones 20th anniversary tribute album.

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