The Leprechaun

Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: BR Brazil
City: São Paulo
Current Label: 399

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Band Members
Eric Fontes
Fabiana Santos
Bruno Stankevicius
Paulo Sampaio
Rafael Schardosim
Fernando Zornoff
Andrew Nathanael

The Leprechaun Biography:

The brazilian band The Leprechaun started playing folk music in 2012, when they released their first album called “The Years are Just Packed” with influences from punk rock and folk artists such as Social Distortion, Bob Dylan and Flogging Molly. The band gathered thousands of fans inside and outside their homeland since then, always captivating people with their creativity and inovation. In 2014 The Leprechaun promises a new album full of new influences and surprises. Stay tuned for “Long Road”.

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