The Kissers

Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: US USA
City: Madison
Current Label: Skeptic Rock Records

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Band Members
Ken Fitzsimmons
Joe Bernstein
Mike Cammilleri
Kevin Youngs
Bryan Elliott
Brendan Franklin
Jon Vriesacker

The Kissers Biography:

The Kissers are known for the frenzied energy of their live shows, their off-kilter humor, and their eclectic instrumentation. Violin, banjo, accordion, and an array of sonic effects combine with diverse musical influences for a unique sound that straddles the gap between indie-rock and Irish music. Audiences and reviewers, trying to describe them, cite bands as varied as the Shins, Pogues, and the Decemberists. The Kissers maintain that they are rock musicians who learned to play Irish music, not vice versa, and so their music sometimes feels more at home in a club than in a pub.

Upcoming Shows

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