The Great Whiskey Rebellion

Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: US USA
City: Boston,
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Amy Levine
Geo Poor
Matt Pezone
Bryan Parandes

The Great Whiskey Rebellion Biography:

The Great Whiskey Rebellion is a high-energy band that combines traditional Irish, Appalachian folk, and Klezmer music with driving rock rhythms and instrumentation. It is a band created and clarified by the blending of opposites. We are both modern and traditional.

The music takes traditional folk songs and styles and smashes them over the anvil of Rock ‘n Roll. It is dance music with grit. TGWR is equally at home sharing the stage with folk and roots acts as with rock and metal bands. Our music is a combination of crazy shredding and acoustic instruments, heavy drums and danceable melodies.

With a classically trained fiddle, jazzy funklicious rhythm guitar, heavy bass, and driving drums, the band draws from an eclectic range of ethnic influences, causing the crowd to dance to music that sounds both highly original and yet strangely familiar.

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