The Cloves and The Tobacco

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: ID Indonesia
City: Yogyakarta
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Abiyoga Fazri
Adit Tongseng
Kojack Blues
Fani Black

The Cloves and The Tobacco Biography:

Helped by some friends, then was formed The Cloves And The Tobacco with their beginning formation: Adit (Vocal), Piztt (Pianica), Abey (Electric Guitar), Adi (Keyboard), Bagus ( Acoustic Guitar), Kojack (Electric Guitar), Dono (Bass), Theo *R.I.P (Drum). With this early member, The Cloves And The Tobacco were starting their debut with covered Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys songs on some local punk gigs.

The band had occurring some members’ replacement and changes instrument played, then became: Adit (Vocal), Piztt (Keyboard), Abey (Electric Guitar), Bagus (Banjo), Kojack (Acoustic Guitar), Mahendra (Bass), Koro (Drum). With this formation, The Cloves And The Tobacco was more solid! They were start performing in outer city gigs and many more events.And in November 2011.The Cloves and The Tobacco return experienced a change of personnel. Bagus and Jie decided to resign from the band.

Rotation Instrumen back changed.Adit Tongseng(Vocal/acoustic guitar), Piztt (Fiddle/Keyboard), Abiyoga Fazri (Electric Guitar), Kojack Blues (Banjo), Koro (Drum), and plus 2 new personnel: Kahfi (Bass), and also Fani Black (Thin Whistle) These formations that survive to this day. They have produced a studio album in 2012 titlled “The Day With No Sun”.

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