Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: AU Australia
City: Mildura
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Mark Jenkins
Charles Hendy
Corey Barbary
Luke McCarthy
Tim Williams

Sibin Biography:

It all started in a rundown Mildura bar with a local drunk singing The Wild Colonial Boy. We had no idea how he stayed upright but the old sod sure looked like he was enjoying himself. A few likely lads at the bar that night thought they couldn’t do any worse, so with a few old songs under their belt and a sympathetic audience – Sibin was formed.

So what is a Sibin? A Sibin (pronounced Shebeen) is an Irish term for an illegal boozer, a secretive place where you can get a drink when the licensed ale houses are closed. The band started out playing traditional Irish tunes learnt through friends and an evolving appreciation of Irish music. Sibin gradually developed their own style and sound based on a love of varying music genres, blending electric guitars and drums with traditional Irish instruments and melodies.

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