Shilelagh Law

Genre: Folk
Country: US USA
City: The Bronx
Current Label: Big Strong Records

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Band Members
Rich Popovic (guitar/vocals)
Terence Brennan (percussion/vocals)
Steve Gardner (bass guitar/vocals)
Kevin McCarthy (accordian/vocals)
Denny McCarthy (fiddle/whistles/vocals)

Shilelagh Law Biography:

New York and Irish music have a long and storied history together, a collision of two cultures that results in bedlam, beauty, and a lot in between. SHILELAGH LAW embodies all that is New York Irish Music: old songs, new songs, jigs, reels, dancing, weeping, lots of laughter, plenty of drinks, and the inevitable visit to the local diner at 5 a.m.

By interpreting traditional Irish Music through a filter of urban grittiness, SHILELAGH LAW helps to define the Irish-American experience that is such a big part of New York town.

Upcoming Shows

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