Rum Rebellion

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: US USA
City: Portland
Current Label: Rodent Popsicle

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Band Members
Dave Noise – Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals
Greg Warner – Electric Guitar & Backup Vocals
Jimmy – Accordion
Big T – Tin Whistle & Backup Vocals
Alex – Bass
Big Jon – Drums

Rum Rebellion Biography:

Hailing from Portland, OR, Rum Rebellion blends Irish tunes, sea chanties, oi!, and street punk into a hard-hitting yet carefully orchestrated frenzy which is usually compared to The Pogues, Flogging Molly, and Dropkick Murphys. Rising from the humble roots of a bunch of young working class punks playing drinking tunes together, Rum Rebellion has grown into a headlining act in cities across the Western US. Often described as hard-working and talented, Rum Rebellion presents an energetic and unique live performance experience.

Named after the actual “Rum Rebellion” of New South Wales Australia in 1808, Rum Rebellion began as an acoustic group early in 2005. The addition of bass and drums soon after led to stage shows in local clubs starting in January ‘06. “Cruisin’ For A Boozin’”, the band’s first full-length album (released in November ‘06) brought good reviews, opening the door for touring. Rum Rebellion has since released several recordings, including a second full-length album, a split, and several compilations, and is frequently touring both on the West Coast and in cities across the country.

Upcoming Shows

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