Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters

Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: US USA
City: Northern KY
Current Label: Tree Ring Circus Records

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Band Members
Roger Drawdy: Lead Singer, Guitar, Tin Whistle
Nathan Waddill, Guitar,Bass
Eric Sayer: Bass, Flute, Accordion
Mark Milliron: Drums, Percussion

Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters Biography:

Roger’s west County Cork background, thoughtful lyrics and trained vocal qualities have made him a stand out within the Celtic music community. He started singing at age 7 & performing at 14. Roger has traveled & lived around the world & uses these experiences to write music that expresses his love for nature, adventure, & the joy of just being alive.

According to Jimmy Buttimer, Entertainment Director, Savannah Irish Festival 2010, “They light up the stage with original songs, excellent musical skills and pure joy. This band is about passion and engagement with the audience. If you want to make your festival better, sign the Firestarters. They will bring an audience of their own and win the rest.”

Thought provoking lyrics, haunting melodies, and thunderous live performances are the keys to their success. The Firestarters formed in 2000 and have played in numerous venues throughout the US. Drawdy’s prolific songwriting promises to take them to the top of the Celtic/world/roots music scene.

Before forming the Firestarters, Roger released two solo albums, “Longing for Home” and “Dance in the Heather.” He gained international attention with the release of his track “For Erin’s Sake” on the “Trees are Life” CD produced in Dublin, Ireland by the Earth Wisdom Foundation.

Together with the Firestarters he has released six CD’s: “The Emancipated Hostage” in 2000, “Touched by the Sun” in 2001, “Live Fire” in 2003, “Open Seas, Empty Skies” in 2005, “Hallowed Ground” in November, 2007. “Pour Me Another One” in 2010, & Roger’s solo release “Concentric Circles” in 2012.

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