MoDERN B Beard

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: JP Japan
City: Tokyo
Current Label: Brother Ship Records

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Band Members
Bsala Teach- Vocal, Mandolin
Tiger Macrover – Guitar
Turbo – Accordion
Lucky Larva – Vocal, Bass
Ewan – Fiddle
daCoit D ddnpa – Drum, Bodhran

MoDERN B Beard Biography:

Tattooed Folk Punk pirates from Japan. They are Japanese who have a strong love for Irish music and enjoy playing it. They come from Japan’s most biggest city Tokyo. They have toured around Japan and supported Mr.Irish Bastard (from Germany) Japan tour 2010 and Blood Or Whiskey (from Ireland) show at Tokyo 2010.

And Tiger, he is an accordion player have another band calls Royal Shamrock. This is one of a famous Irish Punk band in Japan. Modern B Beard has released 1 EP and they have a plan to release a first full album on March 2011. If you like good Irish trad music that is crossed with Folk Punk (no distortion guitar) and Tattoo culture in Japan, then this band is what you have been looking for.

Upcoming Shows

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