Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: CH Switzerland
City: Pfäffikon
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Rino Bollin: Bass
Iain Duncan: Guit. Vox, Pipes
Olaf Ohl: Guit, Vox
Patrick Feuz: Drums
Felix Waldispühl, Drums
Eva Wey: Fiddle

Keltikon Biography:

Keltikon was founded in March 2012 and quickly became a serious live band, playing Celtic rock music across wide-ranging styles: Traditional Folk Songs, classic Jigs & Reels, Celtic Rock, Ambient-Celtic, Pipes-Punk and haunting ballads – performing with Scottish bagpipes, violin, guitars, drums and vocals. From song lyrics founded deep in the folk tradition right up to burning current topics, Keltikon takes the audience on a journey through the eras of Celtic music.

As all band-members are multi-instrumentalists, Keltikon immediately developed an effervescent musical creativity. Piper Iain Duncan is Scottish, bringing the true tradition and cultural background to the band. The other band members, Eva Wey, Olaf Ohl, Rino Bollin, Patrick Feuz, Felix Waldisühl may all be Swiss but they are dedicated to the Celtic music scene.

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