Irish Stew of Sindidun

Genre: Folk Rock
Country: RS Serbia
City: Belgrade
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Bojan Petrović – lead vocal, irish whistles
Ana Milanović – violin
Ivan Đurić – banjo, el. guitar, back vocals
Nenad Gavrilov – acc.guitar, back vocals
Aleksandar Gospodinov – bass, back vocals
Marko Jovanović – drums

Irish Stew of Sindidun Biography:

Unusual sound, intimate lyrics, melodious music and charismatic appearance certainly make the first impression a person gets when it comes to Irish Stew, the band. This is the thing that connects them, after only one listen, with the audience of all generations.

Their ability to make even a random passer-by dance on their concerts is a guaranty for great fun over and over again. Firm friendship and special kind of relationship that exists between the band members provide unforgettable atmosphere at their concerts. They have gained many fans by touring all over Serbia. They exchange energy and emotions with them and they always go back.

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