Glengarry Bhoys

Genre: Celtic Rock
Country: CA Canada
City: Glengarry, Ontario
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Graham Wright- Guitar, Vocals
Ziggy Leroux- Percussion, Vocals
D’Arcy Furniss- Fiddle, Vocals
Stephen McIntosh – Pipes, Vocals, Whistle, Mandolin
Adam Lalonde – Drums, Vocals

Glengarry Bhoys Biography:

Described as bold, unorthodox, vibrant, and evocative,the “GLENGARRY BHOYS”hybrid of Canadian Highland Scots and French Canadian musical idioms has evolved into a sound that is weighty, authoritative, and extremely entertaining.

Their energy and good humor, as much a part of the show as their musicianship, crosses all cultures and ages. Many things have been written and reported about this world renown Canadian alt-celt group over that last decade, all depicting their musical and entertaining prowess with varied audiences the world over, but their ability to marshal large enthusiastic audiences show after show is legion and recognized.

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