Fatty Farmers

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: ES Spain
City: Toledo
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Rodrigo farmer – mandolin, banjo & lead vocals
Sweet Javato – Whistles & Bagpipes
Javito “Litlle Boy” – Fiddle
Goyo – accordion
Lalo – Acoustic guitar & chorus
Diego F. – Electric guitar, banjo & chorus
Lamber – Bass guitar & chorus
Juankar – Drums

Fatty Farmers Biography:

At the start of 2009 a Group of farmers from different stables appear in the music scene in Toledo to bring us a music style never heard around here.
This group brings rhythm and fun with there different costumes and there hardly seen instruments.

From the banjo to the electric mandolin played by the wild Rodrigo Farmer, to the bagpipes and irish whistles by the sweet Javato, passing by “The little boy” Javito Farmers violin.
The group is completed with Lamber on the bass, Lalo playing the acoustic guitar, Fignani the electric guitar and Juankar on the drums. The last one to join the group has been Goyo, a crack of the accordion and another big push to the group.

Celtic Punk Rock Folk music that isn’t to be heard at home but to be seen in this groups great live show that will make you want to sing, dance, jump, party hard and forget about everything for a little bit.

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