Drunken Dru

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: CA Canada
City: Montreal
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Dru Donovan – Vocals, Guitars, mandolin, Drunking
Joel Bergman- Flying V
Tom Doherty- Bass, Moustache
Liam Sullivan- Drums, back vocals

Drunken Dru Biography:

I started Drunken Dru as one man band in 2000 on a four track. I had played for years as a drummer in a hardcore punk band (Another Shitty Band) out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and being heavily influenced by the Pogues and other bands of the era such as the Clash and Stiff Little Fingers, I set out to do something more melodic, while keeping the spirit of punk rock alive.

I produced two DIY albums, “Bloods On You”(2001) and “A Night in the Life”(2004). In 2007, with the help of Liam Sullivan on drums, Tom Doherty on Bass, and Tim Sullivan on guitar, Drunken Dru finally played live. It went over pretty good and we started playin in and around Montreal with some memorable shows at The Barfly. We played with some great bands as well, most notably: The Popes, The Mahones, The Drunken Dogs (twas meant to be), and Farler’s Fury.

Playin with like minded bands is always great and has helped us find a scene in Quebec and beyond. We also did a DIY recording in 2009-2010 titled ‘Saint Henri”. It will finally be released on December 25, 2010. The summer of 2010 was an eventful time for the all the members of the Drunken Dru band, so we went on a short hiatus. Liam got married, Tom went on some epic road trips, Sean toured with the Mahones and eventually joined their ranks(we wish him the best!), and I traveled to Nova Scotia to record a new solo album. It’s called “Fortress Town” and it’s an all-acoustic celtic music affair!

Right now I am stilling adding some collaborations and hoping to get it out in the new year. In 2011 Drunken Dru is comin out swinging with a new line-up (Joel Bergman on electric guitar), and new releases (Saint Henri, Mahones Tribute Album, and Fortress Town to name a few!), so come check us out in the new year, and until then stay Drunken! DRU

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