Dirty Filthy Mugs

Genre: Punk
Country: US USA
City: Los Angeles
Current Label: DC-Jam Records

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Band Members
Matt Wedgley (Vocals)
Ace Facial (Lead Guitar)
Timbecile (Squeezebox/Guitar)
Joey Travers (Bass)
Ryan “Lumpy” Güt (Drums)

Dirty Filthy Mugs Biography:

There is nothing cute, pompous, or pretentious about Dirty Filthy Mugs. They are here to play aggressive, fun, honest punk rock… And that’s exactly what they do!

Not only are the Mugs one of the most insane live bands in punk rock, they’ve also shown themselves to be prolific in the recording studio. In 2009, they released the E.P.s ‘Half Pint’ and ‘Another Round’ as well as a 7″ single on their own label, Brrapp Records. These releases and live shows caught the attention of DC-Jam Records, who released the Mugs’ first full-length ‘All Yobs In’ in early 2010. In March, 2011, DC-Jam Records released the band’s second album, ‘Up In The Downs’ which has garnered praise by many as “… An instant classic” and “Best Punk album in years”.

Dirty Filthy Mugs show no signs of slowing and continue to bring their incredibly addictive live punk mayhem to as many punks, skins, skaters, psychos, mods, rockers, hooligans and outcasts as possible!

Upcoming Shows

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