Charm City Saints

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: US USA
City: Baltimore
Current Label: Size10 Records

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Band Members
Damon Stowell: Drums, Bodhran
Kevin P. Keeley – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jesse Saint: Vocals
Doyle Duff: Bass, Bouzouki, Backing Vocals
Ben Dignazio: Lead Guitar
Rai Mordente: Fiddle, Tin Whistle
David Cornwell: Banjo, Acoustic Guitars

Charm City Saints Biography:

Emerging from the seedy punk rock clubs of Baltimore,MD in 2003, Charm City Saints quickly rose to the top of the Celtic Punk scene with their 2005 debut E.P. Never Go Home Again. In the following years, Charm City Saints made a strong follow up by appearing on the soundtracks for the films The Emerald Diamond and the Troma release Super Tromeette Action Movie Go! Keeping the momentum going, The Saints provided their song “Adrift” for the opening theme to the show The Vollies. By being featured on the Paddy Rock Vol. 2 Comp. and with the release of the Bars & Scars E.P. the Charm City Saints have maintained their position as Celtic-Punk Rock heroes.

The band’s latest album, Hooligans & Saints, joins together blue-collar lyrics with the melodic catchy hooks and raw gritty energy that are associated with punk rock to generate a record of full-on, fist-pumping rock. With standout tracks like “Black & Tans”, “Adrift”, and “The Night Paddy Murphy Died”, look for Charm City Saints to maintain their status as a major influence in the Celtic Rock scene for years to come.

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