Celtic Legacy

Genre: Irish Metal
Country: IE Ireland
City: Dublin
Current Label: Eternal Legacy

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Band Members
Dave Morrissey – Guitars/Keyboards
Dave Boylan – Bass/Vocals
Ciaran Ennis – Vocals
Keith Hendley – Guitars/Vocals
Joe Farrell – Drums

Celtic Legacy Biography:

Celtic Legacy was an Irish heavy metal band formed in 1997. Despite never having a record contract (although the band was offered small recording deals on 6 occasions) the band utilised its resources to fund and record 3 albums.

The band line-up changed several times throughout its 12-year existence with the only constant members being Dave Morrissey and Dave Boylan who also wrote 90% of the band’s material.

Of the 3 albums the band released, Resurrection – the second album is widely regarded as the band’s high water mark. It was voted album of the year on several sites in 2003/2004 and the title track has become the band’s signature tune. The album received incredible reviews upon release and is still regarded with huge affection by both die hard fans and casual listeners to the band’s music.

In 2008, after a prolonged search for a stable line-up, Legacy recorded Guardian Of Eternity and despite early promise, the much hoped for step up the ladder proved elusive. In July 2009, after much soul searching, the band members elected to put things on hold for the foreseeable future.

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