Genre: Irish Rock
Country: FR France
City: Lyon
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Ella MacFive / Fiddle
Drik MacWater / Bass,Harp
Titou MacFire /
Loic MacWind / Pipe,Whistes
Rems MacGround / Drum,Bodhran

Celkilt Biography:

” …Then the Great Alchemist gathered Water, Air, Earth and Fire around the Muse. He gave them the High Voltage Energy of Rock and the cheerful power of the Irish Jigs, gave them fiddle, drums, guitar, bass, whistles and bagpipes, and then told them: “You shall be embodied, you shall live, you shall play and you shall discover the great power of the Kilt. ” And it was so, and so was CelKilt born, serving a bouncy, joyful and energetic music. The Alchemist contemplated the Greatness of his Work and thought “This kicks ass “, Then he went to the pub for a good old pint of Guiness. ”

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