Brick Top Blaggers

Genre: Celtic Rock / Punk
Country: US USA
City: Orange County
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Steve Almond vocals
Dustin Lindberg bass
Matt Maulding accordion/bagpipes
Nolan Lynch mandolin/banjo
Daniel Murillo guitar
Phoebe Camilletti fiddle
Kevin Ousley drums/percussion

Brick Top Blaggers Biography:

Brick Top Blaggers is that rare band that bridges the gap between Celtic folk music and punk rock without sacrificing either integrity or relevance. With a band full of songwriters and an arsenal of instruments as diverse as their musical backgrounds, they have created a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends traditional tunes played on accordion, fiddle, bagpipes, and mandolin, with roaring guitars and rock-solid bass and drums. The result is their own intelligent, exuberant brand of Celtic rock that is always original, always evolving, and always unforgettable.

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