Bogside Rogues

Genre: Irish Rock
Country: US USA
City: Philadelphia
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Bob Hurst: Vocals, Accordion, Tin Whistle
Tim Murphy: Acoustic Guitar, vocals
Fran O’Connor: Bass Guitar, vocals
Bob Finegan: Drums, Percussion

Bogside Rogues Biography:

The veteran Irish rock group, Bogside Rogues, is based in the Philadelphia area in the Mid Atlantic United States and is known for an upbeat sound while maintaining their traditional roots. Drawing from the varied experience of its members, the band performs a variety of Irish and Celtic styles including ballads, rebel songs, traditional dance music (Ceili) and contemporary Irish songs. Featuring Accordion/Tin Whistle, Guitar, Bass and Drums, each of the band’s members have come together from different Celtic music backgrounds to form a striking live sound that has won over audiences wherever they go, and inspired many other musicians to take up instruments in order to continue the tradition.

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