Birmingham Six

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: US USA
City: Philadelphia
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Joe Arnold – Fiddle
Barry Breslin – Guitar, vocals.
James Breslin – Bass, vocals
Brian Kelly – Drums
Paul Wiese – Vocals, guitar, mandolin

Birmingham Six Biography:

Birmingham Six was formed in the Fall of 2006. Taking its name from the six men wrongfully convicted of the 1974 Birmingham Pub bombings, the band mixes traditional, rebel, contemporary and original Irish music to form its sound. The members’ influences are varied and combine nicely to create an energetic, fun live show.

In the vein of The Pogues, Flogging Molly and The Tossers with the spirit of the Wolfe Tones and Clancy Brothers. At least that’s what we’re going for. Hopefully it will turn out that way in the end.

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