BibleCode Sundays

Genre: Folk Rock
Country: GB UK
City: London
Current Label: Unknown

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Band Members
Ronan McManus – Vocals & Guitar
Andy Nolan – Accordian
Enda Mulloy – Bass & Vocals
Patrick Franklin – Fiddle
Kian chanter – Guitars & Vocals
Carlton Hunt – Drums

BibleCode Sundays Biography:

The band started out as ‘Slainte‘, originally formed by Ruairi and Kieran MacManus, Ronan’s brothers, before being joined by Ronan and other brother Liam, playing traditional Irish music. Slainte grew and evolved, with many musicians joining the band as part-time members. Simultaneously, Ronan and other band members had started to write original material for other bands they had started or joined.

Over time, the line-up settled down to include Ronan, Andy, Enda and Paddy with Joe Moran (flute and vocals, who’s place in the line-up was subsequently taken by Kian in 2009. Other band interests quickly faded and writing and performing their own material became the band’s focus. It was in 2006 that the band changed their name to The BibleCode Sundays – at the time, the band were playing back to back gigs every Sunday in small pubs full of hard-drinking Irishmen – “…we used to have to join them in their drinking just to get through the gigs because they were so crazy!” – Ronan.

And so, the band would routinely find themselves up in the small hours talking, usually about conspiracy theories, including the so-called Bible Code, which refers to an encryption in the Torah believed by some to prophecy future events (e.g. the assassination of John F. Kennedy). These drink-fuelled discussions would happen every Sunday around 4am, and hence became known as BibleCode Sundays…

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